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Founded in 1986, Rufeng Condiments Co., Ltd. is an Agricultural Leading Enterprise of Guangzhou that produces Cantonese-style sauces and pickled vegetables, premium soy sauces and other condiments. Our featured products are Spicy Daikon Radish, Sweet Chinese Bulbous Onion, XO Sauce, Deluxe Soy Sauce, Guo wei wei Premium Soy Sauce, Brown Rice White Vinegar and Yihe Fermented Tofu, to name but a few.

Due to our constant effort to meet market needs, we now have more than 100 SKUs under 8 categories: soy sauce, pickled vegetable, semi-solid sauce, liquid sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, oyster sauce and (red) fermented tofu.

We adhere to national standards to produce high-quality products. We are trusted by customers and have been awarded Trustworthy Enterprise for 17 years in a row. Our effort has also been recognized with multiple awards, including Famous Trademark of Guangdong won by the Rufeng trademark in 2008. With Guo wei wei being registered in more than 20 countries, we are one more step closer to entering the world market.

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